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Zones – Game results

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The Zones opener went in favour of the Express, 3 – 1. #10 Camden Thomson scored for the Habs and #1 Nick Parsons earned the Player of the Game title.  A hard-fought battle by the Canadiens!

Game 2: Fredericton Canadiens @ Caps.  Close game!  3 – 2 final tally in favour of the Habs.  Canadiens scorers: #10 Camden Thomson (from #3 Tyler Lynch and #9 Andrew Gweon), #14 Zack Graham (from #10 Camden Thomson) and #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #17 Nathan Rusk).

Game 3: Canadiens @ Pioneers.  Closer this time – 3-3 tie!!!  Habs goals by #10 Camden Thomson, #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #46 Tyler Leaman) and #14 Zack Graham (from #17 Nathan Rusk).

Game 4: Bulls @ Canadiens.  Another win!  4-2 Canadiens.  Scores by #9 Andrew Gweon (from #17 Nathan Rusk), #19 Jack Price (from #3 Tyler Lynch and #14 Zack Graham) and #10 Camden Thomson.

Semi-final: a devastating loss in the 2nd overtime period…  6-5 final tally in favour of the Pioneers.  Habs’ goals from #14 Zack Graham (from #46 Tyler Leaman), #10 Camden Thomson (from #9 Andrew Gweon and #10’s second goal from #18 Jeffrey Theriault) and the final two scores by #9 Andrew Gweon (the last assisted by #10 Camden Thomson).

An unfortunate end to the Zones but an overall awesome effort by all Canadiens over the weekend – congratulations!!!

Canadiens getting ready for Zones!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens closed the 2015-2016 regular season last Sunday in Nackawic against their District rivals, the Bulls.  #9 Andrew Gweon (with the help of #18 Jeffrey Theriault) spoiled the Bulls’ chance of claiming a shutout – despite being short-handed one player no less!  In the end, the Habs were unable to catch up to the Bulls and closed the 15 minute trio with a 3 – 1 loss…

Focus is now on the upcoming Zones…  Stay tuned!

Go Habs Go!!!

Canadiens on final stretch!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were on the road last weekend, slowly making their way to the end of the regular season and gearing up for the upcoming Zones! On Saturday evening, the Pioneers welcomed their EDZA West rivals at the Sénéchal Centre in Grand Falls. While the hosts had home ice advantage, in no way did this deter the Canadiens from coming out in full force!

#19 Jack Price (from #9 Andrew Gweon) opened the scoring spree for the Habs with only several seconds off the clock in the first period! The Pioneers were visible not about to let their guests get away with another one of those – they battled hard and left the Canadiens without an additional score throughout the first and the second period.

The Habs fired back valiantly in the third period and #9 Andrew Gweon as well #10 Camden Thomson (from #9 Andrew Gweon) widened the gap in scores, leaving the Pioneers with a single digit to their credit! With a few seconds left, the hosts pulled their goaltender and #17 Nathan Rusk found an opening on the ice surface, skated along side the board and fired the disk right into the empty net!

Final score: 4 – 1 in favour of the Canadiens!

On Sunday momentum was not in the Canadiens’ favour and while they battled hard, the Bulls managed to climbed to a 3 – 0 advantage over their guests. We can leave that one in the ‘Barn’ and move on to the next and final encounter between these two teams – next Sunday in Nackawic!

Canadiens settle for two ties over weekend…

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Back on home ice, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens hosted their District rivals on Saturday – the Bulls. It had been a while in the regular season since these two teams had faced each other and the palpable anticipation at both ends of the bleachers and on the benches set the stage for an exciting game!

The Habs dominated for the better part of the first period and their efforts were rewarded by a clever move from #46 Tyler Leaman (from the passing wizard #14 Zack Graham) during a powerplay! The Bulls avenged their misfortune in the second, scoring two goals and taking the lead with a few minutes remaining on the clock. However, #46 Tyler Leaman (again from #14 Zack Graham) spoiled the visiting team’s party by scoring the Canadiens’ second goal with 11 seconds remaining on the scoreboard!!!

Both teams had chances and opportunities in the third but faith decided otherwise, leaving both contenders with 2 goals each in the end.

Sunday, the Canadiens were again hosts and challenged the Caps at the Aitken University Centre! The Habs were out to avenge an earlier 7 – 1 loss against their hometown rivals and all new the work and determination required to achieve this.

Each team had its share of close calls in the offensive and defensive zones. The Caps took the first period with one goal. Chance turned in the Canadiens’ favour in the second – #3 Tyler Lynch (from #10 Camden Thomson) tied things up on a powerplay for the Habs!

The visiting team took a one-goal lead early in the third… But #9 Andrew Gweon made things right for the Canadiens’ once again and evened the score!

The Canadiens and Caps finally settled for a 2 – 2 tie.

Well worth the Thursday evening drive – Canadiens over Cougars in Sussex!

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Following a disappointing weekend, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens made their way south Thursday night to battle the Cougars on their turf and reboot their momentum! Habs fans were not disappointed!


Early in the first period, the Canadiens made good use of an extra-player advantage on the powerplay. Defensemen #6 Simon Levert capitalized on a Cougars’ blind spot near the goal crease, sneaked in and redirected #14 Zack Graham’s pass to the back of the net!


The Cougars increased their pressure on the visiting team and scored late in the first, and again in the second period.


Down by a goal, the Canadiens regrouped in the third and fired back! #9 Andrew Gweon (from #46 Tyler Leaman) instigated the Habs’ comeback and forced his way through the Cougars’ defensive line with stealth and agility!  A few minutes later, #19 Jack Price took another one of #14 Zack Graham’s strategic passes and fired it deep behind the home team’s goaltender!


With a few seconds remaining and leading 3-2, the Canadiens were challenged yet again when the Cougars pulled their goalie…. However, the extra player was not enough to stop #10 Camden Thomson from pushing the puck pass the Habs’ blue line and firing it dead-center from the red line into the Cougars’ empty net!


Final score: 4 – 2 in favour of the Canadiens!

Tough weekend for Habs

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The schedule had the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens lined up against their hometown rivals on Saturday, the Caps!  The latter were clearly out to avenge an earlier loss against the Habs and they certainly delivered on the promise…  The Canadiens managed to post one goal throughout the three periods  (by #10 Camden Thomson, from #12 Bradley Morrison and #7 Christian Fraser) but the Caps got seven of their own.  A tough 7-1 loss for the red, white and blue…

On Sunday, the Canadiens narrowed the earlier gap during an exhibition game against the Saint John Sea Dogs at the Grant Harvey Centre.  While the Sea Dogs lead 2 – 0 during the first period, the Habs caught up to them and tied things up, thanks to #10 Camden Thomson  (from #9 Andrew Gweon) and #9 Andrew Gweon (from #10 Camden Thomson)!  A goal in Saint John’s favour late in the third period broke the tie and the Canadiens were unable to even the score once more before the end of this exciting 3-2 game to the visiting team’s advantage.

Another tie for Canadiens

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were in Saint John Friday night for an exhibition game against their EDZA South rivals, the Riptide.  A hotly disputed game throughout three action-packed periods closed with a 1-1 tie!  #18 Jeffrey Theriault got the Habs on the scoreboard.

Canadiens at EDZA North!

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Early Friday afternoon, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens drove into Bathurst for this year’s annual EDZA North Tournament!  First team up: Miramichi!  Three periods of back and forth action on the ice surface, ending in a 1-1 tie!  Credits to #18 Jeffrey Theriault for the Canadiens’ goal!

Later, the Habs were again up against a strong team, the Lynx.  The latter got a quick 2-0 lead in the first period but it was all red, white and blue in the second as the Canadiens evened things up 2-2, thanks to #12 Bradley Morrison (from #10 Camden Thomson and #7 Christian Fraser) and #19 Jack Price (from #9 Andrew Gweon and #5 Ross Briggs)!  The Lynx came back hard in the third, scoring a third goal and a final one on an empty net…  4-2 final score.

On Saturday, the Canadiens played their third game of the tournament and were matched against the Restigouche Red Wings.  The Habs took over quickly and dominated for a better part of the three periods!  While the Red Wings managed to take two goals throughout, the Canadiens went into overdrive and claimed six for the 6-2 win!  Credits to #10 Camden Thomson, #18 Jeffrey Theriault, #9 Andrew Gweon (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault) and #14 Zach Graham who had several beauties (assisted from #46 Tyler Leaman and #12 Bradley Morrison)!

Final game on Sunday against the Titan: a 1-1 tie (#19 Jack Price getting the Habs’ goal!).


Canadiens pushing hard at PEI’s Spud Tournament!

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DAY 1 – Friday, Jan. 29

Despite a 2-1 loss against the Western Warriors in North Rustico Friday morning, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens dished out an impressive performance and fought hard during three period of fast hockey!  #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #9 Andrew Gweon and #19 Jack Price) got the Habs’ goal!  Congrats to #1 Nick Parsons for earning the Player of the Game Award!

Late afternoon, the Canadiens were visibly pumped as they darted onto the Eastlink Centre’s ice surface downtown Charlottetown!  Team work paid off as the Habs defeated the Southern Riptide 4 – 2!  Credits to #18 Jeffrey Theriault, #19 Jack Price and #10 Camden Thomson (with assists to #9 Andrew Gweon) for their goals tally!  And three cheers for #12 Bradley Morrison for his hard work and being crowned with the Player of the Game prize!

Saturday, the Habs challenged the TASA Ducks, a formidable adversary!  #17 Nathan Rusk got the Canadiens’ sole goal, rushing into the offensive zone, driving to the net and firing a stray puck behind the net!  The Ducks got three of their own throughout the game despite valiant efforts by Fredericton teammates.

A good tournament overall – EDZA North is up next!

Latest news from the Canadiens

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Saturday, January 9th – Kedgwick

Canadiens 5 – Pioneers 3

Scores: #19 Jack Price; #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #19 Jack Price and #14 Zack Graham); #46 Tyler Leaman (from #17 Nathan Rusk); #7 Christian Fraser (from #3 Tyler Lynch); #10 Camden Thomson (from #3 Tyler Lynch)

Sunday, January 10th – Dieppe

Canadiens 4 – Eagles 2

Scores: two from #18 Jeffrey Theriault (#10 Camden Thomson credited with one assist) and two from #10 Camden Thomson (unassisted).

Saturday, January 16th – AUC

Canadiens 0 – Express 3

Tough start for the New Year…

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens hosted their northern rivals, the Pioneers, mid-afternoon on Saturday – the first home game of 2016!

A melting pot of missed opportunities, daring dashes and creative plays in both ends of the ice surface did not pay off for the Canadiens through the three periods  of the game…

Forced to take in a 2 – 0 loss against their guests, the Habs have many more “new year’s resolutions” hiding in their new ‘headquarters’ to challenge any contender!

Happy New Year to all!

Canadiens deliver in time for Christmas!

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Peewee AAA fans were treated to another exciting game between Fredericton’s archrivals Sunday afternoon as the Fredericton AAA Canadiens were hosts to the AAA Express!

#3 Tyler Lynch (from #10 Camden Thomson and #7 Christian Fraser) and #10 Camden Thomson (from #7 Christian Fraser) each picked up a few points in the first, giving the Habs a 2 – 1 lead by the end of the period!

#18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #19 Jack Price) stole the show shortly after the halfway mark of the second period and allowed the Canadiens to keep a single goal lead on their rivals.

The Express’ goal late in the second period was avenged in the third by #46 Tyler Leaman (from #11 Josh Maher and #14 Zack Graham) who raised the Canadiens’ tally to 4, again keeping the Habs to a one-goal advantage over the Express!

Thanks to a stellar performance in net by the Canadiens’ #1 Nick Parsons, the visiting team was able to hang on through the end to its 4 – 3 lead over the Express and clinch the win!!!

Rivalries aside, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are extending their best holiday wishes to their families, friends and all EDZA West teams – Merry Christmas!

Tough weekend for Canadiens…

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Dec 12_13

Two back-to-back losses for the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens over the weekend will likely have the team going back to basics, refocusing, regrouping and doing what they do best – winning!

The Habs hosted their northwestern counterparts, the Pioneers, early Saturday afternoon. The Canadiens took an early lead 39 seconds into the first period, thanks to a clever offensive play by #3 Tyler Lynch!

By the halftime mark of the second period however, the Pioneers were leading 4 – 1… #9 Andrew Gweon managed to take the Canadiens’ score up another notch late in the second but the visiting team would later add two extra digits to their tally in the third. A disappointing 6 – 2 loss for teammates who pushed hard offensively and protected their zone and net effectively but could not collect the rewards.

On Sunday, the Habs were hosted by their hometown rivals, the AAA Express. Again, the Canadiens took a 1 – 0 lead quickly in the initial period, with a tip of the hat once more to #Tyler Lynch (from #10 Camden Thomson)!

Despite valiant efforts, the Canadiens fell victims to several short-handed minutes in the second and the third periods and the Express took full advantage of their rivals’ misfortune, claiming four unanswered goals and taking to the winners’ podium with a 4 – 1 advantage over their guests…

A tough weekend for the Canadiens… Time to shake those two games off and refuel on team chemistry and on-ice synergy!

Go Habs Go!!!

An on-ice tale of two cities!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens travelled to Saint John Friday night to challenge the Warriors on their home turf at the Lord Beaverbrook Arena. The first half of the initial period had fans struggling to guess who would draw first blood, the puck being dragged from one end of the ice surface to the other with ample opportunities but no credits scored…

The Warriors broke the suspense mid-way in the first but the Canadiens’ #8 Andrew Gweon retaliated shortly after, making his way right to the Warriors net tender despite being short-handed! The 1 – 1 tie was short-lived as the hosts raised their tally to 4 before each team retreated to their respective bench following the buzzer’s call.

The Habs’ #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #8 Andrew Gweon) claimed the first score of the second period but again, the Warriors came down hard offensively and posted another one to their collection… By the end of the third, the Canadiens were left at two while the Warriors added another pair to take the final count to 7 – 2 in their favour.

This disappointing first loss of the regular season for the Canadiens visibly pushed all of the right buttons… and this was painfully obvious for the Saint John Sea Dogs who visited the Aitken University Centre early Saturday afternoon!

The more time trickled off the clock, the more the Habs pressured the visiting team back into their zone! #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #19 Jack Price) got the Canadiens’ on the board late in the first period and set the tone for the upcoming period!

Early in the second, #3 Tyler Lynch (from #7 Christian Fraser and #10 Camden Thomson) got the Canadiens’ side of the scoreboard to an even number! With a little over five minutes remaining in the period, #6 Simon Levert’s temporary assignment as a winger paid off when fellow defenseman #17 Nathan Rusk made the strategic pass!

The flooding break in between final periods did little to slow the Canadiens down! #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault), #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #10 Camden Thomson and #17 Nathan Rusk), #3 Tyler Lynch (from #10 Camden Thomson and #17 Nathan Rusk) and #14 Zack Graham (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault) got the scorekeeper working overtime!!!

7 – 0 final for the Canadiens – great job!!!

Strong performance by Canadiens leads to Win!

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Thanks to effective defensive work, strategic and coordinated offensive strikes and a solid performance by #35 Will Englehart in net, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens scored four unanswered goals early Sunday afternoon at the AUC against their hometown rivals, the AAA Express!

The Canadiens’ #3 Tyler Lynch (from #7 Christian Fraser) and #10 Camden Thomson (from #7 Christian Fraser and #3 Tyler Lynch) each got one in the first period, elevating the Habs to a quick two goal lead!

#14 Zack Graham got the Canadiens’ third goal in the second (from #46 Tyler Leaman) and got his second of the game in the third period (from #8 Ben Brewer)!

End score: 4 – 0 Canadiens! Go HABS Go!

EDZA West Tournament – Day 2 summary

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Game 3 – Canadiens face off against Dieppe Eagles!

The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were back in Hartland Saturday morning for their third game of the EDZA West Tournament! Hoping to clinch their first win of the weekend, the Habs darted on the ice surface with momentum and kept the energy on overdrive during the initial period. Their hard work paid off early on as #9 Andrew Gweon (from #10 Camden Thomson) scored the first goal of the game and put the Canadiens in the lead.

#46 Tyler Leaman (from #14 Zack Graham) avenged an earlier goal by the Eagles in the second period, putting his team back in the lead! Dieppe managed to put two extra digits on the scoreboard before the end of the period, leaving the Canadiens trailing 3 – 2 as the clock struck the twelve minute mark…

The Canadiens fired back in the third and #7 Christian Fraser (from #6 Simon Levert and #10 Camden Thomson) restored hope on the Habs’ bench late in the period. The Eagles came down hard on our defensive zone and, again, added two additional points to their tally before the buzzer rang the game to its 5 – 3 end in their favour.

Congrats to #9 Andrew Gweon for being named Player of the Game!

Game 4 – Canadiens close tournament with a tie!

Rotating lines made things interesting and exciting during the Canadiens’ fourth and final game of the EDZA West Tournament as they challenged the Lewisville Lightning once again this season!

The Canadiens closed off the first period leading 2 – 1, thanks to an awesome rush in the offensive zone by #17 Nathan Rusk (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault) and a well-executed plan by #19 Jack Price (from #17 Nathan Rusk and #18 Jeffrey Theriault)!

The Lightning tied things up in the second but the Habs took a quick lead once again in the third period after #18 Jeffrey Theriault fired a missile right past his opponents’ goaltender! Lewisville retaliated quickly – and twice – within a minute of each goal placing them in the lead for the first time… #19 Jack Price (from #9 Andrew Gweon) came through with a few minutes left to spoil the Lightning’s party and put the Habs at a 4 – 4 par, a spot they held on to until the end of the game!

#18 Jeffrey Theriault was named Player of the Game – Congrats!

Despite the outcome, the Canadiens battled hard over the two days and should be proud of their efforts – Go Habs Go!!!

EDZA West Tournament – Day 1 summary

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Tough loss at EDZA West tournament opener for Canadiens

Early Friday afternoon, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens travelled to “the Barn” in Hartland to take on the Moncton Hawks for their first game of the annual EDZA West tournament.

The Canadiens kept their rivals humble throughout most of the first period of the match, allowing the Hawks only one unanswered goal late in the period.

The Moncton team had all cylinders fired up in the second and tallied three other goals, ending the period with a 4 – 0 lead…

The Habs suffered another blow in the third as the Hawks scored their fifth goal… and the final one of the game, leaving the Canadiens far back and unable to catch despite notable efforts.

A tough 5 – 0 loss for the Fredericton teammates but disappointment is not defeat! The Habs have more battles to fight… and win!!!

Three cheers for #46 Tyler Leaman who earned the Player of the Game title!

Canadiens keep West Kent Aces busy!

The Canadiens congregated in Florenceville-Bristol later Friday afternoon to challenge the West Kent Aces. The Habs hit the ice visibly ready to deliver the goods and they sure did throughout the three periods of this extremely close match!

#11 Josh Maher (from #14 Zack Graham) and #7 Christian Fraser (from #10 Camden Thomson) gave the Canadiens their two goals in the first and third period respectively! The Aces responded by posting two of their own on the scoreboard… but managed to add an extra digit during the final minutes of the game.

The Canadiens should be proud of their second game of the tournament as they delivered an impressive performance both offensively and defensively! And hats off to #1 Nick Parsons for making countless saves in net for the Habs and earning the Player of the Game award!