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Canadiens take on the Western Phantoms!

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The all-girls Bantam AAA Western Phantoms hosted the Peewee AAA Canadiens for the latter’s second exhibition game of the weekend late Sunday  morning at the Willie O’Ree Place on Fredericton’s North side! While age and height visibly set both benches apart, the Canadiens delivered hard work and grit throughout the three periods of this exciting game!

The Canadiens successfully killed off the first penalty of the game and this clearly generated momentum on the Habs’ bench! Fans were treated with back-and-forth action as both teams enjoyed equal opportunities to clinch the coveted first goal of the game! With 2:07 remaining in the first, the Canadiens took full advantage of a power-play to post the first digit on the scoreboard, thanks to #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault and #9 Andrew Gweon)! And with one second remaining on the clock left, #18 Jeffrey Theriault brought the tally to an even number (from #19 Jack Price)!

The Phantoms turned up the pressure as the second period got underway and defended their zone with determination. The visiting team retaliated with as much steam, most notably by hanging on to their 2-0 lead despite being short-handed two players mid-way in period! With 5:33 remaining, #10 Camden Thomson (from #3 Tyler Lynch) raised the bar and put the Habs in a comfortable 3-0 lead!

The Canadiens scored within the first minute of the third period, strengthening their lead to a 4-0 advantage over their hosts – credit to #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #19 Jack Price). And they kept going! Within a few minutes, the Habs were posting a 7-0 lead over their rivals, with scores from #14 Zack Graham (from #8 Ben Brewer and #46 Tyler Leaman), #18 Jeffrey Theriault – from #10 Camden Thomson who would shortly after score the Canadiens’ seventh goal! #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault) had the scorekeeper working away at the controls once more in favour of the Habs with less than eight minutes remaining! Time trickled and the final buzzer rang in the well-earned victory for the Canadiens!

Final score: Canadiens 8, Phantoms 0.

Both #1 Nick Parsons and #35 Will Englehart guarded the Canadiens’ goal valiantly, fighting off numerous offensive strikes from the Phantoms!

Action-packed season opener for Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens!

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The Aitken University Centre is once again opening its doors to Peewee AAA teammates and hockey enthusiasts as pre-season on-ice showdowns kicked off this weekend in Fredericton!  Members of the recently selected Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens’ 2015-2016 roster congregated for their exhibition opener Saturday afternoon at the AUC against their hometown rivals, the Caps!

The Canadiens spent a better part of the first period on the offensive, zone-locking the Caps and firing repeated shots on their net but struggled to get the disk past the crease line. The visiting team got a break and managed to score three consecutive goals as time trickled from the clock… #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #9 Andrew Gweon and #19 Jack Price) got the Canadiens back in the game with 13 seconds remaining in the opening period – a much needed goal to build momentum on the Habs’ bench!

During the second, the Canadiens kept their rivals humble and scoreless. Early in the period, #10 Camden Thomson (from linemate #7 Christian Fraser) narrowed the gap on the scoreboard to 3-2 in favour of the Caps! With a few seconds over the three minute mark, #18 Jeffrey Theriault took #6 Simon Levert’s pass all the way to the back of the Caps’ net and stole their lead, making it 3-3!

Hard battles in both zones yielded no goals for either team in the third period but the players sure delivered some intense action!

Final score: 3 – 3.

If this first game is any indication of what AAA Canadiens fans can expect throughout

the 2015-2016 calendar, it should be an exciting and awesome season!

2015-16 Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens

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