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Canadiens welcome their new major sponsor!

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Price Auto 2

The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are pleased to introduce their new major sponsor, Price Auto Sales! Price Auto Sales is a family owned and operated business located at 464 Union Street on Fredericton’s North Side.  Owner Rick Price has been serving the Fredericton area in sales and business for over 25 years.  The Price Auto Sales friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to client satisfaction and selling quality pre-owned vehicles.  Visit their conveniently accessible location in Fredericton, call them at 455-1888/866-980-6523 or browse through their inventory by exploring their website at!

The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are grateful to Price Auto Sales for generously offering to partner with the team as its major sponsor!

Canadiens Battle Hard in Hartland!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens travelled north late Sunday morning on the 26th to challenge their zone rivals, the North West Bulls. Canadiens fans followed close behind, filling a better part of the bleachers in support of the beloved red, white and blue! Visibly, the Hartland Arena’s glacial temperature was no deterrent as young and young at heart AAA hockey enthusiasts congregated in all corners of the rink, leaving no space or view angle unattended!

The disk had barely time to skim the ice surface before the Canadiens and the Bulls went to work in the first period of the match! Both teams battled valiantly and for the longest time, it was anybody’s guess which of the foes would post the first digit on the scoreboard. The Bulls finally won that contest, scoring late in the opening period and gaining a fragile 1 0 over the visiting team, a lead they managed to hold onto until the buzzer rang the initial period to its close.

The second period gave Canadiens fans a glimpse of their team’s overall improvement… and how it pays off! At 9:47, #7 Peter Reynolds (from #11 Quinn Gorman) got the Canadiens at par with the Bulls, crowning the visiting team’s efforts and synchronized offensive plays! The hosts regained lost ground several minutes later but this jolted the Canadiens into high gear! With 4:11 remaining in the second, #8 Ethan Ross found himself in the perfect spot and, with his hockey blade securely fastened to the ice, fired #11 Quinn Gorman’s pass deep behind the Bulls goaltender!

But the Canadiens were only getting started and they had a few extra surprises coming their hosts’ way… What can possibly be better than #7 Peter Reynolds (from #3 Matthew Inch) scoring with 29,9 seconds left on the clock?! Having him score again exactly 6 seconds later (from #11 Quinn Gorman) and putting the Canadiens in a 4 2 lead with 23,9 seconds remaining on the scoreboard!!!

The Bulls managed to claw their way back to a two goal lead before the end of the third period, the final tally posting a 6 4 final count in favour of the home team. Despite this however, the Canadiens have clearly demonstrated they can make it happen… and that hard work pays off!

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Canadiens Closing the Gap!

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Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens fans were treated to an exciting hockey game and an awesome performance by the team’s players on Saturday morning, October 18th!

With their first two season games behind them, Canadiens teammates reconvened at the Aitken University Centre following an intensive training week, poised to take on their Fredericton rivals once again the Caps and set the record straight!

The Canadiens’ #7 Peter Reynolds drew first blood several seconds into the first period (from #9 Jordan Wedge)! The hosting Caps responded swiftly a few minutes later… The remaining 11 minutes gave way to a back and forth showdown between two teams visibly hungry for the lead!

With 11:22 remaining in the second, the Canadiens’ #8 Ethan Ross (from #14 Jakob Whalen) fired one deep into the Caps’ net, putting the visiting team in the lead. The hosts carbon copied their earlier quick retaliatory strike and tied things up at 2 2 with a little under 10 minutes remaining in the second. The Caps took a 3 2 lead late in the period before both benches retreated to their respective dressing room.

Much like the earlier two periods, the third was anything but dull! Undeterred by the Caps’ now 4 -2 advantage, #7 Peter Reynolds went on the attack for the Canadiens and shattered the comfort of the hosts’ two goal lead! The Canadiens’ one player advantage in the remaining minute of the game offered many scoring opportunities for the visitors but their counterparts managed to hang on until time elapsed on the clock, claiming the 4 3 win.

For the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens, this was undeniably a successful and rewarding game that clearly demonstrated how teamwork and teammate chemistry goes a long way!

Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens kick off 2014/2015 season!

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Despite slight disappointments over the last two weekends, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are visibly not letting their 0 – 2 start to the season get the best of their team spirit!


On Saturday, October 4th, the hosting Canadiens suffered a 9 -2 loss to the Caps, their Frederictonian counterparts, with goal credits for the hosts both going to #4 Dawson Breau (assisted by #7 Peter Reynolds and #9 Jordan Wedge).  The outcome of this season opening game was disappointing but certainly not devastating for Canadiens teammates who quickly regained their collective optimism following the match!


The earlier gap in goals was cut by a digit the following Saturday (October 11th) as the Canadiens hosted the Pionniers at the Aitken University Centre.  The 8 – 2 final score in favour of the Pionniers failed to highlight the Canadiens’ close calls in their opponents’ zone and some spectacular plays, especially in the first and third periods.  #8 Ethan Ross (from #46 Cody Gilbert and #10 Cam Thomson) and #11 Quinn Gorman (from #7 Peter Reynolds) shared the task of adding digits to the Canadiens’ side of the scoreboard!


Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens teammates are now focused on taking the good and the constructive from the past week and working hard at gaining ground on their zone rivals!

Team_Oct 11




Your team!

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Ready for the 2014/2015 season!

Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens introduce 2014-2015 roster!

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Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens Co-Head Coaches Andrew Breau and Kevin Inch recently introduced their team’s 2014-2015 roster – check it out! With this step officially checked off the to-do list, coaches and teammates formally launched into this new season of Canada’s favorite winter sport with enthusiasm and collegial determination at making it the best ever!

Your 2014-2015 Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are:


Zachary Major

Joey Cormier


Cody Gilbert

Quinn Gorman

Mackenzie Johnston

Jack Price

Peter Reynolds

Ethan Ross

Cam Thomson

Jordan Wedge

Jakob Whalen


Dawson Breau

Matthew Inch

Simon Levert

Tyler Lynch

Nathan Rusk

Will Urquhart

Fredericton AAA Canadiens teammates wasted little time over the past first week of on-ice practices and off-ice training to bond, knowing full well that throughout the season, each member of the roster would be relying on each other to push their team that extra mile, all the while raising the bar for others to reach!

The 2014-2015 season promises to be an exciting one for the Fredericton AAA Canadiens! Energy, individual commitment and shared determination from all players and their coaching team will undoubtedly provide AAA Canadiens’ fans with much to look forward to at each game throughout the season in terms of great hockey!