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EDZA West Tournament – Day 2 summary

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Game 3 – Canadiens face off against Dieppe Eagles!

The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were back in Hartland Saturday morning for their third game of the EDZA West Tournament! Hoping to clinch their first win of the weekend, the Habs darted on the ice surface with momentum and kept the energy on overdrive during the initial period. Their hard work paid off early on as #9 Andrew Gweon (from #10 Camden Thomson) scored the first goal of the game and put the Canadiens in the lead.

#46 Tyler Leaman (from #14 Zack Graham) avenged an earlier goal by the Eagles in the second period, putting his team back in the lead! Dieppe managed to put two extra digits on the scoreboard before the end of the period, leaving the Canadiens trailing 3 – 2 as the clock struck the twelve minute mark…

The Canadiens fired back in the third and #7 Christian Fraser (from #6 Simon Levert and #10 Camden Thomson) restored hope on the Habs’ bench late in the period. The Eagles came down hard on our defensive zone and, again, added two additional points to their tally before the buzzer rang the game to its 5 – 3 end in their favour.

Congrats to #9 Andrew Gweon for being named Player of the Game!

Game 4 – Canadiens close tournament with a tie!

Rotating lines made things interesting and exciting during the Canadiens’ fourth and final game of the EDZA West Tournament as they challenged the Lewisville Lightning once again this season!

The Canadiens closed off the first period leading 2 – 1, thanks to an awesome rush in the offensive zone by #17 Nathan Rusk (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault) and a well-executed plan by #19 Jack Price (from #17 Nathan Rusk and #18 Jeffrey Theriault)!

The Lightning tied things up in the second but the Habs took a quick lead once again in the third period after #18 Jeffrey Theriault fired a missile right past his opponents’ goaltender! Lewisville retaliated quickly – and twice – within a minute of each goal placing them in the lead for the first time… #19 Jack Price (from #9 Andrew Gweon) came through with a few minutes left to spoil the Lightning’s party and put the Habs at a 4 – 4 par, a spot they held on to until the end of the game!

#18 Jeffrey Theriault was named Player of the Game – Congrats!

Despite the outcome, the Canadiens battled hard over the two days and should be proud of their efforts – Go Habs Go!!!

EDZA West Tournament – Day 1 summary

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Tough loss at EDZA West tournament opener for Canadiens

Early Friday afternoon, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens travelled to “the Barn” in Hartland to take on the Moncton Hawks for their first game of the annual EDZA West tournament.

The Canadiens kept their rivals humble throughout most of the first period of the match, allowing the Hawks only one unanswered goal late in the period.

The Moncton team had all cylinders fired up in the second and tallied three other goals, ending the period with a 4 – 0 lead…

The Habs suffered another blow in the third as the Hawks scored their fifth goal… and the final one of the game, leaving the Canadiens far back and unable to catch despite notable efforts.

A tough 5 – 0 loss for the Fredericton teammates but disappointment is not defeat! The Habs have more battles to fight… and win!!!

Three cheers for #46 Tyler Leaman who earned the Player of the Game title!

Canadiens keep West Kent Aces busy!

The Canadiens congregated in Florenceville-Bristol later Friday afternoon to challenge the West Kent Aces. The Habs hit the ice visibly ready to deliver the goods and they sure did throughout the three periods of this extremely close match!

#11 Josh Maher (from #14 Zack Graham) and #7 Christian Fraser (from #10 Camden Thomson) gave the Canadiens their two goals in the first and third period respectively! The Aces responded by posting two of their own on the scoreboard… but managed to add an extra digit during the final minutes of the game.

The Canadiens should be proud of their second game of the tournament as they delivered an impressive performance both offensively and defensively! And hats off to #1 Nick Parsons for making countless saves in net for the Habs and earning the Player of the Game award!

A challenging second round against AAA Bulls!

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Some 24 hours after defeating the AAA Bulls 4 – 0 in Fredericton on Saturday, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens travelled north to Florenceville-Bristol to challenge their District rivals once more early Sunday afternoon.

From the initial puck drop on, it quickly became obvious that the hosts were not about to let the Habs take another ‘walk in the park’ this time! #10 Camden Thomson got one in for the Canadiens late in the first period but the Bulls battled back, posting a score of their own late in the second…

Mid-way through the third period and within two minutes, both teams scored – the Canadiens’ spectacular laser-guided goal scored by #14 Zack Graham (assisted by #12 Bradley Morrison and #46 Tyler Leaman)! Both benches finally settled for a hard-fought 2 – 2 tie.

Hats off to #1 Nick Parsons in net for the Canadiens as he saved the day on numerous occasions and kept his teammates focused!

Canadiens are back in business!

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Following an impressive performance during last weekend’s Buster Harvey Tournament, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens resumed their regular season on Saturday morning at the Aitken Centre hosting their EDZA West rivals, the AAA Bulls!

#10 Camden Thomson posted the initial score of the game with 11:27 remaining in the first period, giving the Canadiens an early lead! The Habs dominated as time trickled to the zero mark but failed to post additional digits despite close calls… That was about to change in the second!

A few seconds into the next period, #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #5 Ross Briggs and #9 Andrew Gweon) initiated a scoring trend in favour of the Canadiens! At 7:12, #10 Camden Thomson (from #6 Simon Levert and #5 Ross Briggs) scored the Habs’ third unanswered goal of the game! Less than five minutes later, #3 Tyler Lynch (from #10 Camden Thomson and #6 Simon Levert) moved into ‘pumpernickel mode’ as the Canadiens’ score rose to 4!

The puck ventured close to both nets in the third but never made its way behind either goaltender.

#35 Will Englehart played a phenomenal game in net for the Habs and clinched a well-deserved shutout!!!

Tough Loss for Canadiens in Quarter Final Game…

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Despite valiant efforts by all players and close calls on numerous opportunities, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were unable to get pass the quarter final hurdle against tough adversaries, the Dieppe-Memramcook Eagles. The Canadiens’ 3 – 0 loss ends this chapter of an otherwise great overall tournament performance by the Habs!

Congrats to #19 Jack Price for earning the Player of the Game title and good luck to the remaining teams as they skate, shoot and score their way to the Championship Game!

Buster Harvey Tournament: Canadiens remain undefeated!

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In hockey, there is no denying that a strategic combination of team spirit, hard work and determination will put a team on a promising path – and this is precisely what the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are demonstrating so far in the 8th Annual Buster Harvey Tournament!

The Canadiens took the Grant-Harvey Centre by storm on Friday as they battled two of their division-leader contenders! First off, the Habs hosted their EDZA West rivals, the Pionniers du Nord-Ouest, in a game that had fans on the edge of their seat for a better part of the game! #19 Jack Price scored the Canadiens’ first two goals but the Pionniers kepts matching the Habs’ efforts well into the second period…

#10 Camden Thomson (from #12 Bradley Morrison and #7 Christian Fraser) took the lead with a few minutes remaining in the second and gave his teammates a one-goal advantage once more. The Canadiens kept pushing offensively and #11 Josh Maher took #14 Zach Graham’s pass and turned things into a perfect play by burying the puck behind the Pionniers’ crease line!!!

#9 Andrew Gweon (from #19 Jack Price) strengthened the Habs’ lead in the third period by scoring the Canadiens’ fifth and final goal in this 5-3 win for the hometown team! #9 Andrew Gweon also earned the Player of the Game award – congrats!

Late afternoon, the Canadiens were scheduled to take on the Lewisville Lightning and again, they delivered the goods to clinch statistical perfection!

By the midway mark in the second period, the Canadiens were in a comfortable 4 – 0 lead thanks to the combined effort of #10 Camden Thomson (from #7 Christian Fraser and #12 Bradley Morrison), #19 Jack Price (from #9 Andrew Gweon), #9 Andrew Gweon (from #19 Jack Price and #18 Jeffrey Theriault) and #19 Jack Price again (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault)!

The Lightning’s powerplay goal late in the second period was avenged early in the third by the Canadiens’ #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault and #17 Nathan Rusk) and the 5 – 1 tally held in the Habs’ favour until the end of this exciting game!

Congratulations to #17 Nathan Rusk who earned the coveted Player of the Game title!

Great start for Canadiens at Buster Harvey Tournament!

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The 8th Annual Buster Harvey Tournament opened Thursday night in Fredericton and hockey fans congregated at the Grant-Harvey Centre to celebrate again this year this wonderful event!

The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were amongst the local teams that were scheduled to battle on ice and they came prepared to defend their enviable reputation against a formidable adversary, the KV Warriors!

When all was said and done, all in attendance agreed that the third game lined up for the opening night was a nail-biter!!! The Canadiens drew first blood late in the first period, thanks to #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #12 Bradley Morrison)! The Warriors would retaliate shortly after with 43.7 seconds remaining in the period and this set the tone for the remainder of the game…

With 9:22 remaining on the clock in the second period, #10 Camden Thomson (from #7 Christian Fraser) got fans in the bleachers fired up for the hometown team! And thanks to their support as well as the outstanding performance by the Canadiens’ goaltender #1 Nick Parsons who saved the day on many occasions and earned the Player of the Game title, the Canadiens claimed the 2-1 win for their first game of the tournament!

Go HABS Go!!!

‘Trick AND Treat’ for Canadiens!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were all about playing ‘tricks’ and collecting ‘treats’ on Sunday morning. The Habs were hosted at the Aitken University Centre by their rivals, the AAA Caps, and once again fans were set to be treated to intense on-ice action!

#18 Jeffrey Theriault posted the first goal of the game early in the initial period! The Canadiens kept pushing into the Caps’ defensive zone and were eventually rewarded when #10 Camden Thomson (from #8 Ben Brewer and #7 Christian Fraser) got the blade of his hockey tilted to a perfect angle for the puck to rise above the shoulder of his goal-tending opponent!

Several minutes into the second, #7 Christian Fraser capitalized on a player advantage and made it 3 – 0 for the Habs! Five minutes later and despite being short-handed one player on his shift, #7 Christian Fraser (from #10 Camden Thomson) raised the bar higher, putting the Canadiens in a comfortable 4 – 0 lead!

The Caps finished the second period with their first goal and pushed hard during the third, posting two additional digits on the scoreboard… However, the Canadiens managed to hold on to their 4 – 3 lead until the end of the game and keep their undefeated season status intact for another day!!!

Another heated round between the Canadiens and the Express!

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Barricades, limited parking space and endless detours in the perimeter of the Aitken University Centre did not deter Peewee AAA hockey fans from converging in the AUC’s bleachers for this second encounter of the season between the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens and their hometown rivals, the AAA Express!

For the better part of the first period, it was anybody’s guess who would clinch the first goal and post a digit on the scoreboard. Back-and-forth action kept fans of all ages on the edge of their seat! The Express finally got lucky late in the period and took the lead… momentarily.

The Canadiens came back with a vengeance early in the second period! #10 Camden Thomson (from #7 Christian Fraser and #3 Tyler Lynch) found the back of the Express’ net, burying the puck deep behind enemy lines! Several minutes of hard work passed before #7 Christian Fraser (from #3 Tyler Lynch and #12 Bradley Morrison) raised the bar a notch higher, making it 2-1 for the Habs!

Another early opportunity opened up for the Canadiens several minutes into the third period and #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #5 Ross Briggs and #6 Simon Levert) took full advantage of it! The period remained intense until the final minute when #10 Camden Thomson sealed the deal and made it a final 4-1 for the Habs!

Hats off to #1 Nick Parsons for another awesome performance between the Canadiens’ posts!

Deadlock in Florenceville-Bristol!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens travelled north Sunday afternoon to challenge the AAA Bulls on their hometurf in Florenceville-Bristol. Sunday’s game was the first encounter of the season between these two teams and anyone attending this game quickly concluded that both teams came prepared!

With an early score in the first period, the Bulls kept their rivals humble, even struggling at times… With 37.1 seconds left however, the Habs’ #10 Camden Thomson evened things up to close the period with a 1-1 tie!

The Bulls again scored early in the second period on a powerplay but the Canadiens retaliated shortly after on a one-player advantage of their own – credits to #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #19 Jack Price)! Both rivals missed out on key opportunities, including in the third period which offered its fair share of action… but no scores!

2-2 final score.

Canadiens over Caps!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were home late Saturday morning to host their provincial capital counterparts, the AAA Caps! Loyal fans supporting both Fredericton teams watched on as the players eagerly darted onto the ice surface, ready for battle!

The Caps drew first blood midway into the first period, capitalizing on a powerplay… The Canadiens fired back quickly however as the period drew to its end, first by #10 Camden Thomson (from #17 Nathan Rusk and #8 Ben Brewer) followed several seconds later by #19 Jack Price’s well-executed tip (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault and #9 Andrew Gweon)!

Late in the second period, #10 Camden Thomson (from #4 Gavin Crowell) pocketed his second goal of the game, taking the Habs to a 3-1 advantage on the scoreboard! The Caps managed to creep up a step closer a minute later, claiming another score to their credit…

Both teams captured a couple of goals in the third period, the Canadiens’ #10 Camden Thomson (from #3 Tyler Lynch) and #18 Jeffrey Theriault claiming the credits for their team!

Another exciting hockey game and an additional win for the Canadiens, 5-4 over the Caps!

Canadiens host Kings County Cougars

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Fredericton’s Peewee AAA Habs hosted the Kings County Cougars for their second and final game of this Thanksgiving long weekend! And during the three periods of this showdown, the Canadiens gave fans plenty to be ‘thankful’ for!

By the end of the first period, the Canadiens gave a new meaning to the word “dominance”! The Habs scored four unanswered goals during the first six minutes of the game – credits going to #7 Christian Fraser (from #12 Bradley Morrison), #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault), #9 Andrew Gweon and #19 Jack Price (#18 Jeffrey Theriault collecting an assist on both goals).

The Cougars retaliated fiercely in the second and managed to flip their score digit three times before the Canadiens fired back… And did they! With 1:38 remaining on the clock, #10 Camden Thomson (from #3 Tyler Lynch) buried the puck deep behind the Cougars goal crease! The score stood at 5-3 by the end of the period.

#18 Jeffrey Theriault opened the third period with the Habs’ sixth goal of the game (from #19 Jack Price) and he added an additional digit several minutes later (this time from #9 Andrew Gweon and #19 Jack Price)! The Cougars’ fourth and final goal was avenged by #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault and #4 Gavin Crowell) with 9:35 remaining in the period!

Final score: 8-4 in favour of the Habs!

#1 Nick Parsons had another spectacular performance between the posts!

Hometown Rivalry – Canadiens @ Express!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens were hosted by their hometown rivals mid-day Saturday, the AAA Express! The first showdown of the 2015-2016 season between these two teams promised to deliver intense on-ice action – and it did!

After killing off two successive penalties in the first period, the Canadiens’ #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault and #9 Andrew Gweon) got the scorekeeper scribbling numbers down at 7:29! #1 Nick Parsons took care of the remainder of the period, stopping numerous shots and protecting his crease valiantly.

Early in the second (at 14:17), #7 Christian Fraser (from #4 Gavin Crowell) capitalized on a one-player advantage and made it 2-0 for the Habs! #18 Jeffrey Theriault sealed the deal before the intermission by posting the Canadiens’ third digit on the scoreboard (with 2:04 remaining)!

The Express weren’t about to give in without a fight and they went into the third period full throttle, scoring two unanswered goals under three minutes halfway through the period. However, the Canadiens managed to hold on to their 3-2 lead until the end of this exciting game!

Big Weekend of Hockey for Canadiens!

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With a 3-2 win against the Pioneers last weekend in Grand Falls (two goals for #10 Camden Thomson and the winning one going to #46 Tyler Leaman – the tally of assists going to #17 Nathan Rusk, #8 Ben Brewer and #14 Zach Graham), the Canadiens are poised to take on their hometown rivals, the AAA Express on Saturday at the AUC (12:30 start) and the EDZA South on Sunday (12:15 start)!  All Habs fans invited!!!

Canadiens take on the Western Phantoms!

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The all-girls Bantam AAA Western Phantoms hosted the Peewee AAA Canadiens for the latter’s second exhibition game of the weekend late Sunday  morning at the Willie O’Ree Place on Fredericton’s North side! While age and height visibly set both benches apart, the Canadiens delivered hard work and grit throughout the three periods of this exciting game!

The Canadiens successfully killed off the first penalty of the game and this clearly generated momentum on the Habs’ bench! Fans were treated with back-and-forth action as both teams enjoyed equal opportunities to clinch the coveted first goal of the game! With 2:07 remaining in the first, the Canadiens took full advantage of a power-play to post the first digit on the scoreboard, thanks to #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault and #9 Andrew Gweon)! And with one second remaining on the clock left, #18 Jeffrey Theriault brought the tally to an even number (from #19 Jack Price)!

The Phantoms turned up the pressure as the second period got underway and defended their zone with determination. The visiting team retaliated with as much steam, most notably by hanging on to their 2-0 lead despite being short-handed two players mid-way in period! With 5:33 remaining, #10 Camden Thomson (from #3 Tyler Lynch) raised the bar and put the Habs in a comfortable 3-0 lead!

The Canadiens scored within the first minute of the third period, strengthening their lead to a 4-0 advantage over their hosts – credit to #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #19 Jack Price). And they kept going! Within a few minutes, the Habs were posting a 7-0 lead over their rivals, with scores from #14 Zack Graham (from #8 Ben Brewer and #46 Tyler Leaman), #18 Jeffrey Theriault – from #10 Camden Thomson who would shortly after score the Canadiens’ seventh goal! #19 Jack Price (from #18 Jeffrey Theriault) had the scorekeeper working away at the controls once more in favour of the Habs with less than eight minutes remaining! Time trickled and the final buzzer rang in the well-earned victory for the Canadiens!

Final score: Canadiens 8, Phantoms 0.

Both #1 Nick Parsons and #35 Will Englehart guarded the Canadiens’ goal valiantly, fighting off numerous offensive strikes from the Phantoms!

Action-packed season opener for Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens!

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The Aitken University Centre is once again opening its doors to Peewee AAA teammates and hockey enthusiasts as pre-season on-ice showdowns kicked off this weekend in Fredericton!  Members of the recently selected Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens’ 2015-2016 roster congregated for their exhibition opener Saturday afternoon at the AUC against their hometown rivals, the Caps!

The Canadiens spent a better part of the first period on the offensive, zone-locking the Caps and firing repeated shots on their net but struggled to get the disk past the crease line. The visiting team got a break and managed to score three consecutive goals as time trickled from the clock… #18 Jeffrey Theriault (from #9 Andrew Gweon and #19 Jack Price) got the Canadiens back in the game with 13 seconds remaining in the opening period – a much needed goal to build momentum on the Habs’ bench!

During the second, the Canadiens kept their rivals humble and scoreless. Early in the period, #10 Camden Thomson (from linemate #7 Christian Fraser) narrowed the gap on the scoreboard to 3-2 in favour of the Caps! With a few seconds over the three minute mark, #18 Jeffrey Theriault took #6 Simon Levert’s pass all the way to the back of the Caps’ net and stole their lead, making it 3-3!

Hard battles in both zones yielded no goals for either team in the third period but the players sure delivered some intense action!

Final score: 3 – 3.

If this first game is any indication of what AAA Canadiens fans can expect throughout

the 2015-2016 calendar, it should be an exciting and awesome season!

2015-16 Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens

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