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Canadiens Take the Weekend!!!

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The Fredericton AAA Peewee Canadiens challenged District contenders in and out of town this weekend, starting with the Pionniers du Nord-Ouest on Saturday at the Aitken University Centre! The Habs were until then on an eight game undefeated streak and were hoping to push this trend further – and they did!!!

#13 Cody Gilbert (from #7 Peter Reynolds and #4 Dawson Breau) opened the score early in the first period for the Canadiens! The Pionniers retaliated several minutes later but their fortune was short-lived as the hometown team took advantage of consecutive powerplays to take their score tally to 4, thanks to #11 Quinn Gorman (from #13 Cody Gilbert and #4 Dawson Breau), #13 Cody Gilbert (from #7 Peter Reynolds) and #7 Peter Reynolds (from #3 Matthey Inch)!!! With 1:40 remaining in the first, #8 Ethan Ross made a spectacular pass to #2 Mackenzie Johnston who patiently waited mid-ice and broke away unhindered towards the Pionniers’ goaltender and got the Canadiens’ fifth score of the period!

The Pionniers claimed three goals of their own in the second period but this only fuelled the Canadiens’ resolve to come out of this match on top! #11 Quinn Gorman (unassisted) and #7 Peter Reynolds (from #14 Jakob Whalen) widened the gap in goals, taking the Canadiens to a 7 – 4 lead over their district rivals!

With both teams scoreless in the third, the Habs clinched yet another victory with Saturday’s 7 – 4 win over the Pionniers!

Sunday afternoon, Canadiens teammates and fans shovelled themselves out of Fredericton and travelled northbound to take on the Bulls in Hartland. The Canadiens were first to post a digit on the clock late in the first period. The Bulls avenged their earlier setback quickly in the second, tying things up for the better part of the period… until the Habs scored again, closing the period with a 2 – 1 lead!

The Canadiens took advantage of a man advantage several minutes into the third period to broaden their lead by another goal. A little over two minutes later, another goal set the Canadiens for success and they held on to their 4 – 1 advantage until the buzzer rang this game to a close!

Credits for the Canadiens’ goals on Sunday afternoon go to #11 Quinn Gorman who had a pair, #7 Peter Reynolds and #10 Cam Thomson!

Stellar Performance by Canadiens at the 2015 Interlock Campbellton!!!

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Old Man Winter’s snowy curve balls and cryogenic-cold winds didn’t deter the Fredericton AAA Canadiens family from making its way to the northern tip of the province over the weekend to take part in the Habs’ third tournament of the season, the 2015 Interlock Campbellton! The Canadiens delivered unrelenting intense on-ice action throughout every one of the four games they battled through, reaping the reward of their efforts and claiming the title of ‘undefeated participants’ – something to be extremely proud of!

The chemistry boiled over from the get-go early Friday afternoon as the Canadiens took on their first challengers, the Miramichi Rivermen. The scoreless first period for the Habs set way for a pulverizing second period during which the Canadiens sealed the deal that would lead to their 3 – 1 win over their counterparts, thanks to #7 Peter Reynolds, #2 Mackenzie Johnston (from #13 Cody Gilbert) and #13 Cody Gilbert (from #7 Peter Reynolds and #9 Jordan Wedge)!

Later in the day, all hands got on deck for the fierce battle against the Acadian Peninsula Lynx, a fearsome adversary! All attendance would later speak of this match as “THE” game of the weekend, one in which the Canadiens’ chemistry and synergy revealed their best features. The Habs posted their first digit in the initial period, courtesy of #11 Quinn Gorman (from #7 Peter Reynolds and #4 Dawson Breau), and would fire three more behind the Lynx’s goal crease, crediting #11 Quinn Gorman (from #10 Cam Thomson and #17 Nathan Rusk), #2 Mackenzie Johnston (from #13 Cody Gilbert) and #10 Cam Thomson (from #17 Nathan Rusk and #4 Dawson Breau) with the goals that forced the Lynx to take a tie rather than a win!

The sole game on Saturday hosted the Canadiens and the Restigouche Red Wings. The encounter offered some unexpected and nail-biting moments but the Frederictonian teammates managed to keep the local team humble, sharing a 2 – 2 tie, with both of the Habs’ goal going to #7 Peter Reynolds (assisted by #10 Cam Thomson and #9 Jordan Wedge on the first and #4 Dawson Breau on the second)

The Chaleur Titan had established themselves as one of the top teams in the 2015 Interlock and the Canadiens were scheduled to take them on for their last game of the weekend competition on Sunday morning. By this time however, the Canadiens’ reputation preceded them as well and the redoubtable Titan stormed the ice… with caution! Snipers were robbed in both ends of the ice surface throughout this riveting showdown, goals were exchanged (even smiles and cordial nudges between foes!) but the Canadiens dominated the play with consistence, enough to take the game 4 – 3, with kudos going to #4 Dawson Breau, #7 Peter Reynolds and #10 Cam Thomson who capitalized on teamwork and scored for the Canadiens!

Awesome job by our goaltenders #1 Zachary Major and #35 Joey Cormier who made some acrobatic moves between the posts and helped their team remain undefeated throughout the weekend! Go Canadiens Go!!!

Canadiens are unstoppable!

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Responding favourably to a challenge set by the Saint John Seadogs, Canadiens teammates, coaching staff and fans congregated at the Peter Murray Arena in Saint John West on Sunday morning, eager to capitalize on their momentum and poised to clinch yet another win! Habs fans were treated to an impressive show of force as well as nicely coordinated and strategically efficient plays!

Team chemistry paid off late in the first period for the Canadiens who, despite being down by one goal, took full advantage of the hosts’ consecutive penalties! #7 Peter Reynolds (from #10 Cam Thomson and #4 Dawson Breau) scored the visiting team’s first goal with 3:38 remaining on the clock. Less than one minute later, #11 Quinn Gorman (from #9 Jordan Wedge and #7 Peter Reynolds) put the Canadiens in the lead, an advantage they held on to until the end of the first.

#11 Quinn Gorman (from #10 Cam Thomson) added anadditional digit to the Canadiens’ tally early in the second period and #10 Cam Thomson (from #7 Peter Reynolds and #9 Jordan Wedge) widened the gap even broader shortly after! The Seadogs fired back late in the period and added two goals to their credit, generating a sense of urgency on the Habs’ bench!

The Canadiens darted onto the ice surface in the third visibly fuelled to take the period and claim it for their own! #7 Peter Reynolds (from #9 Jordan Wedge) got his second of the game after a few minutes had trickled off the clock and with 5:03 remaining, #10 Cam Thomson (from #7 Peter Reynolds and #11 Quinn Gorman) got his pair as well! The Seadogs’ empty net in the final second of the game attracted #7 Peter Reynolds like a magnet who managed to fire the disk just in time – with 0.01 remaining on the timer!

Great team work by the Canadiens who took the 7 – 4 win over the Saint John Seadogs!

Canadiens over Caps!

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Going into the second period early Saturday morning at the Aitken University Centre, the Canadiens were scoreless and trailing by two goals against their Frederictonian archrivals, the Caps. And then something happened… the Canadiens went full throttle through the roof!

#7 Peter Reynolds opened the scoring spree for the Habs early in the second and reloaded once more several minutes later (from #4 Dawson Breau), putting the visiting at par with their opponents! #46 Cody Gilbert (from #7 Peter Reynolds) made good use of a powerplay and got his team in a 3 – 2 lead before the period’s end!

The Canadiens’ score rose by an additional three goals within the first four minutes of the third period, thanks to #9 Jordan Wedge, assisted by #7 Peter Reynolds – who then went on to score the Habs’ fifth goal (from #11 Quinn Gorman) and assist #4 Dawson Breau’s several seconds later! A short moment past the five minute checkpoint of the period, #8 Ethan Ross (from #7 Peter Reynolds) crossed through the Caps’ defensive line and found himself on a clear path towards the hosting team’s net… and scored the Canadiens’ seventh goal! #11 Quinn Gorman (from #14 Jakob Whalen) crowned this match with the eight and final score for the Canadiens!

Final tally: 8 – 4 in favour of the Canadiens. A tremendous effort and a great job by all!!!

Canadiens firing on all cylinders!!!

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Where better to celebrate the arrival of the holidays school break than on the ice surface! This is precisely how the Fredericton Price Auto Peewee AAA Canadiens launched the official countdown to Christmas 2014, at the Lord Beaverbrook Arena in the heart of Saint John, where they faced off with the Sussex Cougars!

The Canadiens dominated throughout most of the match. Countless offensive strikes in the Cougars’ zone finally paid off for the Habs with 4:16 remaining as #10 Cam Thomson (from #11 Quinn Gorman and #46 Cody Gilbert) buried the puck deep behind enemy lines!

The second period saw the Canadiens gain a considerable advantage over their hosts, tallying an additional three unanswered goals credited to #9 Jordan Wedge (from #46 Cody Gilbert and #10 Cam Thomson), #7 Peter Reynolds (from #46 Cody Gilbert and #10 Cam Thomson) and #46 Cody Gilbert!

In the final two minutes of the third period, the Cougars took full advantage of a powerplay and a one player advantage to score two quick goals…. But the Canadiens held on to capture the 4 – 2 victory over their Sussex rivals!

Sunday afternoon, the Canadiens were back in their District to challenge the Northwest Bulls in Hartland! The visiting team drew first blood early in the first period (#7 Peter Reynolds from #10 Cam Thomson) and maintained their 1 – 0 lead throughout the period.

With a little over one minute into the second period, #10 Cam Thomson (from #7 Peter Reynolds) added an extra digit on the Canadiens’ side of the clock! #7 Peter Reynolds would go on to repeat his earlier feat twice before the period’s end (from #12 Christian Butler and #4 Dawson Breau) and again in the third period (from #11 Quinn Gorman and #3 Matthew Inch)!

While the Bulls managed to post two of their own in the second, the Canadiens’ running total remained locked, secure and unreachable! 5 – 2 for the Habs, their second win of the weekend in as many games!

Intense encounters for the Canadiens over the weekend!

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The Frederiction Price Auto AAA Canadiens had a full serving of hockey matches over the weekend, starting Friday evening by hosting their hometown rivals at the Grant-Harvey Centre, the AAA Express.

The Express got off to a quick start by posting two goals in the first period and a third in the early minutes of the second… that is until the Canadiens got a hold of momentum and made it work to their advantage throughout the remaining minutes of the 15 minute countdown.

The Canadiens dominated in the third period and fired repeatedly down the Express’ path, finally leading to the hosts’ first goal by #7 Peter Reynolds (from #10 Cam Thomson)! The Canadiens kept their opponents humble throughout the third and benefited from numerous scoring opportunities but the disk would simply not cooperate with the sharp shooters’ efforts…

Final score: 3 – 1 in favour of the Express.

The Fredericton Caps took an early lead in the first period on Saturday morning as the Canadiens were back at the Aitken University Centre to welcome and challenge their AAA Frederictonian foes! The Habs were not about to let the period end without scoring one of their own… and #4 Dawson Breau (from #11 Quinn Gorman) did just that with 2:45 remaining on the clock!

Each team added an extra digit on their respective side of the scoreboard in the second, #9 Jordan Wedge claiming the prize for the Canadiens!

The third period saw its fair share of close calls and intense action! The Caps took an two goal lead by mid-period but when they found themselves two players down, #11 Quinn Gorman (from #7 Peter Reynolds and #4 Dawson Breau) narrowed the visiting team’s lead to a single goal! The Caps avenged their misfortune with 1:28 remaining in the period… 10 seconds passed until #7 Peter Reynolds demonstrated that no matter how far you are from the net – in this case close to the red line – shooting in its direction can yield some favourable results… such as a goal!

Final score: a close 5 – 4 win for the Caps.

The Tri-County Complex in Fredericton Junction was the place to be for Peewee AAA fans as the Canadiens hosted the Warriors, a strong Southwestern team with its reputation well established! The final 4 – 0 outcome of this match in favour of the visiting team fails to credit the Canadiens’ valiant offensive and defensive efforts as well as the acrobatic saves that were executed in between the posts!


Canadiens are in business!!!

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The Fredericton Price Auto AAA Canadiens hosted two of their provincial Peewee AAA rivals over the weekend at the Aitken University Centre, the Kings County Cougars and the Charlotte County Riptide! And the on-ice action came along for the ride!

Saturday evening, the Canadiens battled the Cougars. 19 seconds into the first period, the home team’s #7 Peter Reynolds (from #9 Jordan Wedge) got his first of several goals of the evening! Mid-period, #46 Cody Gilbert got his name and number on the score sheet… and again with 3:44 remaining in the first, putting the Canadiens in a comfortable 3 – 0 lead by the end of the period!

#7 Peter Reynolds opened the subsequent period with his second of the night (13:18) but the Cougars came back surprisingly strong over the course of the remaining minutes, defying the odds and managing to reach parity with their counterparts after 30 minutes of play!

The Canadiens recovered quickly, ‘cooling down’ in between periods, ready to rock in the third… and rock they did! The Cougars’ lone goal in the final fifteen minute stretch did not deter the Canadiens from battling hard in the offensive zone and accumulating an additional three goals, thanks to #7 Peter Reynolds and a collective team effort (10:41; 2:58 from #4 Dawson Breau; 2:43 from #46 Cody Gilbert)!

The Canadiens proudly closed off the evening off with a 7 – 5 win over their opponents following an awesome match!

Early Sunday afternoon, the Canadiens congregated once more at the AUC to welcome the Riptide on Fredericton turf! The Charlotte County crew made life challenging for the Canadiens in the first period, scoring twice and frustrating the hosts in their repeated attempts at tallying a few for themselves…

The tide shifted late in the second when #9 Jordan Wedge (from #7 Peter Reynolds and #10 Cam Thomson) got himself exactly where he needed to be to fire the puck deep in the Riptide’s net! Only eleven seconds elapsed before the ‘trio’ tied things up, thanks to #7 Peter Reynolds (from #9 Jordan Wedge and #10 Cam Thomson)! The deadlock was broken by the Riptide before the end of the period but as the Canadiens made their way onto the ice surface for the third, it was obvious they were not going to leave the rink without a fair fight! And fight early into the third they did as #10 Cam Thomson (from #9 Jordan Wedge and #7 Peter Reynolds) scored at 13:09, generating the tie once more! #7 Peter Reynolds got the Canadiens in the lead for the first time in the game with 12:25 remaining! As the final minute trickled from the clock, #10 Cam Thomson (from #46 Cody Gilbert and #7 Peter Reynolds) sealed the deal for the Habs, firing the disk from mid-ice precisely into the Riptide’s empty net!!!

Five well executed scoring successes and a second victory for the Canadiens in as many games – fabulous teamwork!!!

Canadiens struggle to ‘shake off the Blues’

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Riverview’s Dobson Memorial Arena was a buzz with hockey enthusiasm on Sunday as the hometown Blues hosted the Fredericton Price Auto AAA Canadiens for an exhibition game. While both benches enjoyed ample opportunities in offensive mode, the hosts struck first in the opening period. The clock remained idle for the remaining first period minutes and most of the second until #7 Peter Reynolds (from #9 Jordan Wedge) tied things up at 1 – 1! The Blues retaliated quickly in the third period, scoring their second goal of the game. With a little over one minute remaining in the match, the Canadiens were forced to pull their goaltender to add additional offensive reinforcements in the Blues’ zone, hoping to level the playing field and build momentum. The disk momentarily got away from the visitors’ possession and made its way down the ice surface to a 3 – 1 loss for the Canadiens.

With this page now turned, Canadiens teammates are ready to start a fresh on and off ice training spree throughout the week!


Canadiens dish out a strong performance at EDZA West Tournament!

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The Fredericton Price Auto AAA Peewee Canadiens travelled to Hartland and Florenceville-Bristol on Friday and Saturday to take part in the annual EDZA West Peewee AAA Tournament!  Ten teams from across the province were set to battle on ice for the Championship title!  The Canadiens quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with!

Following a stellar performance, #1 Zachary Major got a well-deserved 1 – 0 shutout in the first game featuring the Canadiens against their Southeastern rivals, the Dieppe Eagles, early Friday morning in Hartland.  Packed with action moments throughout the match, this game quickly made news around town!  #11 Quinn Gorman scored the Canadiens’ sole goal with 1:22 remaining in the second period following a skillfully well executed deke of the Eagles’ goaltender!

#7 Peter Reynolds’ hat trick in Game 2 of the tournament put the Canadiens a few goals shy of claiming their second win of the meet as they faced the Moncton Hawks!  #35 Joey Cormier made countless saves against a formidable adversary that relentlessly made its way in the Habs’ zone, eventually capturing the 5 – 3 win but not without having to battle through hardworking Frederictonians lines!

Had it not been for the three goals the Lewisville Lightning scored late in the third period of the Canadiens’ third game early Saturday afternoon in Florenceville-Bristol, #11 Quinn Gorman (from #7 Peter Reynolds) would again have made his last minute goal in the second period lead his teammates to victory!  Despite the 3 – 1 loss, the Canadiens made a name for themselves during this encounter against one of the strongest teams in the tournament!

The Habs dominated in the first two periods of their fourth match against the West Kent Aces.  The latter gained a 2 – nil advantage quickly in the first but this only triggered fierce retaliation from the Canadiens who closed off the second period leading 4 -3 over their counterparts!  Teamwork and chemistry allowed the Habs’ #7 Peter Reynolds to clinch two (from #3 Matthew Inch and #2 Mackenzie Johnston) and for #11 Quinn Gorman and #10 Cam Thomson to add one each!  Unfortunately, the Aces regrouped in between the second and the final periods and came out barreling down in the Canadiens’ defensive zone, avenging their earlier misfortune by tallying several goals and closing the game with a 7 – 4 score in their favour…

The Fredericton Price Auto AAA Canadiens should nonetheless be proud of their performance and consistent team effort throughout the 2014 EDZA West Peewee Tournament!

Big Win for Canadiens!!!

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November 16th – It was simply a question of time before it happened.  The game had been carefully studied, the drills had been practiced and memorized and now was the time to execute the mission, metal on ice!

The Fredericton Price Auto AAA Canadiens were back on home ice at the Aitken University Centre Sunday afternoon to host the North West Bulls.  Both teams darted onto the ice surface visibly poised to challenge each other and compete valiantly to clinch the victory title of the match!

The Canadiens made it clear in the first period that history was not about to repeat itself…  The hosts’ rotating forward lines pushed harder each shift in their opponents’ zone and strong goaltending by #35 Joey Cormier coupled with aggressive defensive blockades kept the Bulls scoreless and struggling to break through!

Late in the second period, the Canadiens got the scorekeeper to earn his pay!  With 3:39 remaining on the clock, #14 Jakob Whalen sent the puck to the edge of the offensive zone to his defensive partner #4 Dawson Breau, who fired a rocket which #46 Cody Gilbert deflected over the visiting goalie’s shoulder, parking the puck comfortably behind the crease line!

Several seconds into the third period, the Bulls avenged their earlier misfortune, tying the game 1 – 1.  The action continued nonetheless throughout the thirteen remaining minutes of the final stretch of the match.  As most in attendance were ready to settle for a tie, the Canadiens forced themselves into the Bulls’ zone and with 5 seconds remaining in the game, #7 Peter Reynolds (from #11 Quinn Gorman and #6 Simon Levert) got the Canadiens’ bench and each of their fans on their feet and cheering proudly!!!


The Fredericton Price Auto AAA Canadiens earned this 2 – 1 victory!  A great effort from all players made this a fabulous game to watch for Peewee AAA fans!  Great job Canadiens!!!

Canadiens take battle up Saint John River!

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November 15th – The Fredericton Price Auto AAA Canadiens congregated in Madawaska County early Saturday afternoon to challenge the Northwest Pionniers on their home turf. Despite Saint-Basile Arena’s glacial indoor temperature, Peewee AAA fans stormed the bleachers, anticipating this season’s second encounter between these two rivals to be anything but monotonous!

The Pionniers capitalized on a one player advantage early in the period and posted the first digit on the scoreboard. The Canadiens retaliated time and time again in the offensive zone with some close calls against the home team… but their Northwestern counterparts managed to take their score to an even number with a little over a minute remaining in the first.

The Canadiens had their turn taking advantage of a powerplay just pass the halfway mark of the second period and #4 Dawson Breau fired the disk from the blue line, past all skating obstacles, right through to the back of the Pionniers’ net! The score narrowing to a 2 – 1 lead in favour of the hosts triggered fierce offensive strikes from the Pionniers, leaving the second period reporting a 4 – 1 lead to their benefit.

Fans were treated in the third period as the Canadiens battled hard, keeping the Pionners humble throughout and pushing into their zone on numerous occasions! While the scoreboard remained idle until the end of the game at 4 – 1, the Canadiens made an impressive come back and took away some productive and effective working material from it!!!


Canadiens battle hard against Express!

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November 1st – Leaving aside the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens’ 5 – 1 loss to their

provincial capital counterparts, the Express, the Habs certainly did not disappoint the multitude

of fans who gathered early Saturday morning at the Aitken University Centre! Hard work and grit

from the visiting Canadiens kept the Express humble throughout the first period. Momentum

shifted temporarily during the second to the Express’ advantage, allowing the home team an

opportunity to gather a few digits ahead of their rivals. #7 Peter Reynolds (from #11 Quinn

Gorman) retaliated with a few minutes remaining on the clock however, powering up his

teammates for an action packed third period! In short, a great hockey game to watch!


Canadiens welcome their new major sponsor!

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Price Auto 2

The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are pleased to introduce their new major sponsor, Price Auto Sales! Price Auto Sales is a family owned and operated business located at 464 Union Street on Fredericton’s North Side.  Owner Rick Price has been serving the Fredericton area in sales and business for over 25 years.  The Price Auto Sales friendly and knowledgeable team is dedicated to client satisfaction and selling quality pre-owned vehicles.  Visit their conveniently accessible location in Fredericton, call them at 455-1888/866-980-6523 or browse through their inventory by exploring their website at!

The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are grateful to Price Auto Sales for generously offering to partner with the team as its major sponsor!

Canadiens Battle Hard in Hartland!

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The Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens travelled north late Sunday morning on the 26th to challenge their zone rivals, the North West Bulls. Canadiens fans followed close behind, filling a better part of the bleachers in support of the beloved red, white and blue! Visibly, the Hartland Arena’s glacial temperature was no deterrent as young and young at heart AAA hockey enthusiasts congregated in all corners of the rink, leaving no space or view angle unattended!

The disk had barely time to skim the ice surface before the Canadiens and the Bulls went to work in the first period of the match! Both teams battled valiantly and for the longest time, it was anybody’s guess which of the foes would post the first digit on the scoreboard. The Bulls finally won that contest, scoring late in the opening period and gaining a fragile 1 0 over the visiting team, a lead they managed to hold onto until the buzzer rang the initial period to its close.

The second period gave Canadiens fans a glimpse of their team’s overall improvement… and how it pays off! At 9:47, #7 Peter Reynolds (from #11 Quinn Gorman) got the Canadiens at par with the Bulls, crowning the visiting team’s efforts and synchronized offensive plays! The hosts regained lost ground several minutes later but this jolted the Canadiens into high gear! With 4:11 remaining in the second, #8 Ethan Ross found himself in the perfect spot and, with his hockey blade securely fastened to the ice, fired #11 Quinn Gorman’s pass deep behind the Bulls goaltender!

But the Canadiens were only getting started and they had a few extra surprises coming their hosts’ way… What can possibly be better than #7 Peter Reynolds (from #3 Matthew Inch) scoring with 29,9 seconds left on the clock?! Having him score again exactly 6 seconds later (from #11 Quinn Gorman) and putting the Canadiens in a 4 2 lead with 23,9 seconds remaining on the scoreboard!!!

The Bulls managed to claw their way back to a two goal lead before the end of the third period, the final tally posting a 6 4 final count in favour of the home team. Despite this however, the Canadiens have clearly demonstrated they can make it happen… and that hard work pays off!

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Canadiens Closing the Gap!

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Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens fans were treated to an exciting hockey game and an awesome performance by the team’s players on Saturday morning, October 18th!

With their first two season games behind them, Canadiens teammates reconvened at the Aitken University Centre following an intensive training week, poised to take on their Fredericton rivals once again the Caps and set the record straight!

The Canadiens’ #7 Peter Reynolds drew first blood several seconds into the first period (from #9 Jordan Wedge)! The hosting Caps responded swiftly a few minutes later… The remaining 11 minutes gave way to a back and forth showdown between two teams visibly hungry for the lead!

With 11:22 remaining in the second, the Canadiens’ #8 Ethan Ross (from #14 Jakob Whalen) fired one deep into the Caps’ net, putting the visiting team in the lead. The hosts carbon copied their earlier quick retaliatory strike and tied things up at 2 2 with a little under 10 minutes remaining in the second. The Caps took a 3 2 lead late in the period before both benches retreated to their respective dressing room.

Much like the earlier two periods, the third was anything but dull! Undeterred by the Caps’ now 4 -2 advantage, #7 Peter Reynolds went on the attack for the Canadiens and shattered the comfort of the hosts’ two goal lead! The Canadiens’ one player advantage in the remaining minute of the game offered many scoring opportunities for the visitors but their counterparts managed to hang on until time elapsed on the clock, claiming the 4 3 win.

For the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens, this was undeniably a successful and rewarding game that clearly demonstrated how teamwork and teammate chemistry goes a long way!

Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens kick off 2014/2015 season!

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Despite slight disappointments over the last two weekends, the Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens are visibly not letting their 0 – 2 start to the season get the best of their team spirit!   On Saturday, October 4th, the hosting Canadiens suffered a 9 -2 loss to the Caps, their Frederictonian counterparts, with goal credits for the hosts both going to #4 Dawson Breau (assisted by #7 Peter Reynolds and #9 Jordan Wedge).  The outcome of this season opening game was disappointing but certainly not devastating for Canadiens teammates who quickly regained their collective optimism following the match!   The earlier gap in goals was cut by a digit the following Saturday (October 11th) as the Canadiens hosted the Pionniers at the Aitken University Centre.  The 8 – 2 final score in favour of the Pionniers failed to highlight the Canadiens’ close calls in their opponents’ zone and some spectacular plays, especially in the first and third periods.  #8 Ethan Ross (from #46 Cody Gilbert and #10 Cam Thomson) and #11 Quinn Gorman (from #7 Peter Reynolds) shared the task of adding digits to the Canadiens’ side of the scoreboard!   Fredericton Peewee AAA Canadiens teammates are now focused on taking the good and the constructive from the past week and working hard at gaining ground on their zone rivals!

Your team!

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Ready for the 2014/2015 season!